Lipstick SOS

Nooooooooo! I have officially lost my newest MAC lipstick, my Sheen Supreme in Royal Azalea.

I used it yesterday morning, put it in the pocket of my dress to touch up whilst at work (can’t keep my makeup bag in the office) and by the time I’d got to work it was gone!

I did wonder, “have I actually put it in my pocket, could it be at home?” Nope. And it wasn’t in the car, so I can only assume that it’s on a train somewhere… Sob!

I feel especially sad because it was the newest member of my lipstick family. I bought it at the airport and used it a couple of times whilst away, and was really looking forward to using it when my tan had faded. Le sigh…

Have you ever lost a beloved member of your makeup family??

Love a sad Leafy x


A miracle has happened! I am now reunited with the Lost Lipstick!
“But where was it?!” I hear you cry!
Under my car seat. Drama over.

Hee Hee ha ha! *sheer delight


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